Thursday, December 16, 2010

Festival of Santa Lucia 2010

Festival of Santa Lucia

This is our second year celebrating the festival of Santa Lucia.
The night before my daughter and I get the food ready for the early breakfast celebration.

Our menu:
Namaste Foods Gluten Free Spice cake muffins
Sliced peaches and bananas
Hot Cocoa & whipped cream

In the morning Santa Lucia gets up, dresses, puts on her wreath of light and starts the kettle for hot water.  She makes the cocoa and coffee and lets us know when she is ready for us.

The family comes to the table in their pajamas and we sing as she serves the oldest person in our family first.  Star boy follows with his wand until his food is on the table.  It is an early morning for us as a family but we are all together for breakfast.

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