Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Table Week 3

Advent Table Week 3

Coming of the Animals

This third Sunday of Advent we add the animals from our ceramic Nativity Scene. We have used these same figures since the children were tiny. 

We celebrated the third Sunday of Advent by:
  • Put the animals and Shepherd on the table
  • Turn the lights down low
  • Read chapters 12,13,14 & 15 from the Festival of Stones by Reg Down.  "Mice on Ice, The Gathering, The Festival of Animals Begins, and The Myth of Ellah-Jah."
  • The 3rd child chooses a Christmas carol and we sing the first, second and third weeks carols together as a family.
  • My daughter and I play a Christmas carol on our soprano recorders.
  • My daughter plays a Christmas carol on the flute and piano.
  • Light the candles on the table. We do this every night during Advent.
  • Put up a star.  The children rotate nightly to do this during Advent.
  • Say the Unity Prayer of Faith.  We do this every night during Advent.
  • Blow out the candles and off to bed
We also hear the story of Santa Lucia and prepare for the celebration the next day.

Advent Table Week 2

Advent Table Week 2

Coming of the Plants
On the second Sunday of Advent we add plants to the table.  This year I bought some basil and carnations from the supermarket.  I snipped a baby spider plant from my big plant and collected moss for the stable.

We celebrated the Second Sunday of Advent by:
  • Adding the plants
  • Turning the lights down low
  • Reading chapter 10 & 11 " Jeremy Mouse meets Olivia" & "The Festival of Plants" from Reg Down's book The Festival of Stones
  • The 2nd child picks a Christmas carol and we last Sunday's and this Sunday's as a family
  • We light the candles on the table and say the Unity Prayer of Faith as a family
  • Off to bed
We will also put our shoe out for St. Nicholas and hear the story of St. Nicholas.  

Advent table week 1

Advent Table Week 1

Coming of the Stones

Each year we celebrate Advent with this stable, blue sky cloth and cream base cloth.  On the first Sunday we add the stones.  When the children were little I would put them on when they were asleep or out of the house.  Now that they are older we put the stones on together.

This year we celebrated the first week of Advent by:
  • Putting on the stones
  • Turning the lights down low
  • Reading the chapter "The Festival of Stones" from the book "The Festival of Stones"  by Reg Down
  • Youngest gets to choose this weeks Christmas Carol to sing and we sing as a family
  • Light the candles on the Advent table-1 for each child
  • Put up a sticky star on the blue sky cloth
  • Say the Unity prayer of Fiath by Hannah More Kohaus as a family
  • Children blow out their candles and off to bed
As the weeks go by we add plants, animals and finally the people.  The children look forward to the coming of Mary and Joseph

The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...I see the frozen bird bath.

I am thinking...about taking care of myself this holiday season.

I am thankful good health.

From the kitchen...warm lemon water to start the day.

I am wearing...capri’s, turtleneck, light sweater and bare feet.

I am creating...a knit horse.

I am take pictures of our Advent table and post them to my blog.

I am reading...The Backyard Homestead-Madigan and Organize Now-Berry.

I am hoping...that it will snow.

I am hearing...the heater and the dog’s nails on the kitchen tile.

Around the house...we are having school.

One of my favorite things...the new color of our living room and kitchen walls-jonquil.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

• Eating more veggies.

• Going to the post office to mail off Color-a-Smile pages.

• Working on my knitting.

• Thinking about doing a 3 day fast/cleanse.

• Hanging out

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

I miss the snow at Christmas even though I spent my childhood in California without snow.  I have become used to the four seasons and look forward to the changes.

Festival of Santa Lucia 2010

Festival of Santa Lucia

This is our second year celebrating the festival of Santa Lucia.
The night before my daughter and I get the food ready for the early breakfast celebration.

Our menu:
Namaste Foods Gluten Free Spice cake muffins
Sliced peaches and bananas
Hot Cocoa & whipped cream

In the morning Santa Lucia gets up, dresses, puts on her wreath of light and starts the kettle for hot water.  She makes the cocoa and coffee and lets us know when she is ready for us.

The family comes to the table in their pajamas and we sing as she serves the oldest person in our family first.  Star boy follows with his wand until his food is on the table.  It is an early morning for us as a family but we are all together for breakfast.