Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent table week 1

Advent Table Week 1

Coming of the Stones

Each year we celebrate Advent with this stable, blue sky cloth and cream base cloth.  On the first Sunday we add the stones.  When the children were little I would put them on when they were asleep or out of the house.  Now that they are older we put the stones on together.

This year we celebrated the first week of Advent by:
  • Putting on the stones
  • Turning the lights down low
  • Reading the chapter "The Festival of Stones" from the book "The Festival of Stones"  by Reg Down
  • Youngest gets to choose this weeks Christmas Carol to sing and we sing as a family
  • Light the candles on the Advent table-1 for each child
  • Put up a sticky star on the blue sky cloth
  • Say the Unity prayer of Fiath by Hannah More Kohaus as a family
  • Children blow out their candles and off to bed
As the weeks go by we add plants, animals and finally the people.  The children look forward to the coming of Mary and Joseph

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