Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Table Week 2

Advent Table Week 2

Coming of the Plants
On the second Sunday of Advent we add plants to the table.  This year I bought some basil and carnations from the supermarket.  I snipped a baby spider plant from my big plant and collected moss for the stable.

We celebrated the Second Sunday of Advent by:
  • Adding the plants
  • Turning the lights down low
  • Reading chapter 10 & 11 " Jeremy Mouse meets Olivia" & "The Festival of Plants" from Reg Down's book The Festival of Stones
  • The 2nd child picks a Christmas carol and we last Sunday's and this Sunday's as a family
  • We light the candles on the table and say the Unity Prayer of Faith as a family
  • Off to bed
We will also put our shoe out for St. Nicholas and hear the story of St. Nicholas.  

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