Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knitting news and fairies

Ruthy finished up her knitted recorder case and is starting a coaster.  We did our projects backwards...large to small.  She is learning the purl stitch with the coaster and plans on making 4 of them for her Grandma.

We are using the Little Acorn Learning guide for the month of March which has this weeks theme as fairies.  We made fairy bread on Monday, watched Thumbelina on Tuesday and made clothespin fairies today.  Tomorrow we will make homes for our fairies and then sew fairy pouches on Friday.  I was not sure if my 5 year old son would be interested in fairies but it turns out that there are several manly fairies in the Thumbelina and Tinkerbell stories.  Teddy's fairy has a sword like Cornelius in Thumbelina.  Handy for taking care of the bad guys!

Cornelius and the Feisty Fairy Fiona.  Fiona is the main character in the Little Acorn Learning guide story "The Feisty Fairy"  who steals the singing gem.

Terrence and Thumbelina resting from a big morning of flying around and saving fairies.  Thumbelina is really debating if she wants to marry Cornelius or Terrence.  Cornelius is a bit brash, always swinging his sword around and trying to stab people.  Terrence is quite the dapper dresser and is much kinder.  I think Thumbelina will probably choose Terrence, but it is still early in the day.

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