Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Norse Myths 4th grade Waldorf Homeschool

We are in the middle of our first 4 week block about the Norse Myths.  We are using "D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths"  and making a main lesson book.  There will be 2-4 week blocks of Norse Myths this year to finish off the book.  At first I thought they would be too violent and gruesome for my fru fru 10 year old daughter, but she loves them.  It is possibly her most favorite subject so far. 
Each day I read the story and then ask her to tell me everything she remembers about the story.  Then we discuss it and talk about ideas for a picture in her main lesson book.  Below are a couple of photos from her book.  This is her first year of Waldorf main lesson book and form drawing.


  1. love the Norse myths! Susi would love that too. She really enjoyed the Greek/Roman myths last semester.

  2. We love that book, too! Beautiful drawings. You can do a lot of creative activities with the Norse myths. Also love your other posts!